Community Gardens

The Town of Natick is doing whatever it can to see that residents have the opportunity to grow their own fresh produce.  For some, gardening in their own back yard is not possible.  That's where community gardens come in. Simply put, community gardens are locations where numerous gardening plots are made available to interested residents.  

Natick is proud to have opened its first community garden at JJ Lane Park in 2014.  

Hartford Street Community Gardens
is our newest location which opened in the spring of 2016.  The garden offers 50+ plots to Natick residents. Several plots on this site grow fresh produce for A Place to Turn who offers the veggies to families in need.  

In Natick, any resident may apply for a garden plot when slots become available. All gardeners are selected by lottery. Gardeners must pay a small fee and abide by a set of rules, the most important of which is to commit to organic gardening principles. Town staff and fellow gardeners provide support and are available to answer questions throughout the growing season. Keep you eye on this page for your chance to apply!