Fall is here and the Assessors have two exciting announcements!

First, we have preliminary Fiscal Year 2019 values ready for review.  We have completed our 5-year certification process and have received preliminary certification from the Department of Revenue.  All Department of Revenue guidelines have been met and our preliminary assessments reflect 100% full and fair cash value as of January 1st 2018.  The public disclosure notice can be viewed here.  A listing of FY2019 property assessments by owner name can be found here and by property address here.  As always, the Assessors staff is always available to review, discuss, or answer any questions.  During the disclosure period between September 24th and October 5th we have extended our office hours Monday through Thursday from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Second, we have changed our Assessment database and have integrated it with our WebGIS site.  The Assessors database and GIS seem to be two of the most common requests we receive and we are excited to provide all information in one place.  This also helps other departments who utilize both systems on a regular basis.  In addition to the spatial tools within the site, it also provides the most commonly requested assessor's information such as assessed values, ownership information, land information, and legal deed references.  Our owner information will be updated on a regular basis throughout the year.  For those in need of further information, such as appraisers and homeowners, the official Property Record Card is also now online.  The same card you can get in our office you can now get at home!  To access the Assessors Database, click here.  

Questions or concerns?  Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions by clicking FAQs or please feel free to contact the Assessor's Office at 508-647-6420 or email at

Thank you!
Janice M. Dangelo
Director of Assessing

The Assessors Office is responsible for assessing all property located within the Town of Natick. This includes real estate, personal property, excise on motor vehicles and boats. Property values are reviewed for accuracy each year. The values generated by the Assessors are audited and certified triennially by the Department of Revenue. Motor vehicle excise information is provided by the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

Personal Exemption Program
We also administer the Personal Exemption Program. This program is designed to aid disabled veterans, elderly and senior taxpayers, blind individuals, surviving spouses, and surviving minor children. These programs are administered in accordance with Massachusetts General Laws chapter 59 clause 5.

Additional Programs
The Assessor's Office also manages 2 additional programs; the betterment / lien program, and supplemental tax on new construction.

The Assessors have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the data presented. If you find any errors, please notify The Assessor's Office as soon as possible.