Boards, Committees & Elected Officials

All boards, committees consist of citizens who contribute their time for the benefit of the Town of Natick.  These committees work toward solving complex issues and recommending policy that helps to shape the kind of community in which we live.  Natick is fortunate to have many volunteers whose skill and technical knowledge can be applied in the Town Government.

In addition to standing boards and committees, special adhoc citizen task forces and committees are periodically established by the Board of Selectmen and/or the Town Administrator to study, advise, and assist the town concerning specific topics and issues.

Members of boards and committees are community residents and registered voters who volunteer their time and are appointed by either the Board of Selectmen or the Town Administrator.  
The boards and committees contained in this section have been created through the town by-laws.  There are various temporary committees that may be created for a specific period of time or for a specific purpose that are established by the Board of Selectmen or Town Administrator or one or more of the permanent committees. 

Residents interested in serving on a board or committee are encouraged to fill out an on online application by clicking on the "Apply" button on the board/committee page you are interested in.  A list of vacancies can be for on the Vacancies page listed on the left side bar or click here.

To apply for any of the vacancies please fill out the application form.  

Full Listing of Boards, Committees & Elected Officials
  1. Board & Committee Volunteer Information

    Request to be appointed to 1 of Natick's boards, committees, or commissions.

  2. Vacancies

  3. Affordable Housing Trust Fund Board

    Find a calendar of upcoming events, view agendas and minutes, and learn about the board members.

  4. Audit Advisory Committee

    The Audit Committee shall serve as adviser to the Board of Selectmen with respect to the town's internal auditing, financial systems, and independent annual audit.

  5. Bacon Free Library Maintenance Committee

    Learn about the members serving in the Bacon Free Library Maintenance Committee.

  6. Board of Assessors

    The Board of Assessors is responsible for annually making a fair valuation for all property within the town as well as determining the annual rate of taxation on property for the town.

  7. Board of Health

    The Board of Health is tasked with being the policy makers on issues pertaining to the public health and well being of our residents and visitors of Natick.

  8. Board of Selectmen

    The Board of Selectmen adopt town administrative policies, review and set fiscal guidelines for the annual operating budget and the capital improvements program and make recommendations to Town Meeting.

  9. Cable Advisory Board

    Learn about when and where the Cable Advisory Board meets.

  10. Charter & By-Law Review

  11. Cochituate Rail Trail Advisory Committee

    Learn about the tasks of the committee, the members, and view agendas and minutes.

  12. Commission on Disability

    Learn more about the members of the Commission on Disability.

  13. Community Development Advisory Committee

    Learn about the members of the Community Development Advisory Committee.

  14. Community Services Advisory Committee

  15. Conservation Commission

    Explore the ways the Conservative Commission serves to conserve the natural resources of Natick, MA.

  16. Conservation Fund Study Committee

    Said appointees shall serve terms effective January 5, 2015 through the dissolution of 2015 Natick Spring Annual Town Meeting, or as otherwise authorized by Town Meeting. Appointees shall perform the duties incumbent upon their office consistent with the vote of Town Meeting under 2014 FATM, Article 20; the Natick Home Rule Charter, the Natick By-laws, and the General Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

  17. Constables

    Learn how Town Constables serve the city by protecting the citizens' civil rights.

  18. Contributory Retirement Board

    Learn about the Natick Contributory Retirement Board.

  19. Council on Aging

    Discover the members of the Council on Aging and read the council agendas.

  20. Cultural Council

    Find information on the Natick Cultural Council.

  21. Design Review Board

    Find out who the members of the Design and Review Board are, and follow the meetings with posted agendas.

  22. Economic Development Committee

    Learn about how the Economic Development Committee generates employment opportunities and recognizes community issues in order to better help with economic development.

  23. Elderly & Disabled Taxation Fund Committee

    Discover how to contribute to the Elderly and Disabled Taxation Fund.

  24. Electronic Voting Committee

    Learn about the committee members appointed for the purpose of studying the subject of electronic voting.

  25. Facilities Management Oversight Committee

    Learn about how the Facilities management Oversight Committee has helped improve the quality and value of services delivered to facility users, taxpayers and related constituents.

  26. Finance Committee

    Explore the goals and responsibilities of the Finance Committee.

  27. Financial Planning Committee

    Explore the ways that the Financial Planning Committee, among other things, develops short and long range forecasts for revenues and expenditures, and develops strategies for meeting any projected shortfalls.

  28. Fire Chief Screening Committee

  29. Golf Course Oversight Committee

    Learn more about the members of the Golf Course Oversight Committee and how they aim to improve golf courses in the area.

  30. Historical Commission

    Discover how the Historical Commission conducts historic property surveys.

  31. Historic District Commission

    Discover the Historic District Commission rules and regulations, general guidelines and more.

  32. Housing Authority

    The Natick Housing Authority (NHA) is a public body, politic and corporate, established under Massachusetts General Laws. The primary mission is to provide decent, safe and sanitary housing opportunities, thereby improving the quality of life for those of low income, including families, those with disabilities and elders.

  33. Information Systems Advisory Board

    Discover The Information Systems Advisory Board and how they advise the town on policies, procedures, priorities, and planning of information systems.

  34. Katherine L. & Waldo H. Kennedy Trust Fund

    Find out who sits on the Board of Clergy for the Katherine L. and Waldo H. Kennedy Trust Fund.

  35. Local Emergency Planning Committee

    Contact the members of the Local Emergency Planning Committee.

  36. Lookout Farm Advisory Committee

  37. Master Plan Advisory Committee

  38. Mathworks Scholarship Committee

    Through the generosity of MathWorks, the Town of Natick annually awards 2 $10,000 scholarships to high school seniors who live in Natick and have strong academic records in mathematics and science. The committee makes recommendations to the Selectmen as to the award recipients.

  39. Medical Reserve Corps

    Learn about how The Medical Reserve Corps of Natick supports and assists local government and area healthcare systems with emergency medical operations and vital public and community health activities.

  40. Moderator

    The Town Moderator presides over Natick’s Town Meeting and makes appointments to the Finance Committee and other committees as required.

  41. Morse Institute Library Board of Trustees

    Find out who makes up the Morse Institute Library Board of Trustees.

  42. Open Space Advisory Committee

    Research information on the Open Space Advisory Committee.

  43. Opioid Task Force

  44. Parking Advisory Committee

    Check out information on the Parking Advisory Committee.

  45. Personnel Board

    Look up members of the Personnel Board.

  46. Planning Board

    Read about the Planning Board of Natick, Massachusetts.

  47. Pleasant Street Zoning Classification Committee

    Research information on the Pleasant Street Zoning Classification Committee.

  48. Recreation & Parks Commission

    Learn about the Recreation and Parks Commission.

  49. Registrars of Voters

    Learn about your local Registrars of Voters.

  50. Rink Oversight Committee

    To oversee management of the Chase Arena in Natick.

  51. Safety Committee

    Research information on the Safety Committee.

  52. Sawin House Advisory Committee

  53. School Committee

    Find out what the school committee is doing and who is on it.

  54. Sustainability Committee

  55. Tiny House Study Committee

    This committee will determine if a Tiny House project is an appropriate housing solution for the town.

  56. Town Forest Committee

    It is the duty of the Town Forest Committee to promote the public enjoyment and responsible use of the Natick Hunnewell Town Forest and to protect its health and well being.

  57. Trails Maintenance Committee

    Learn about the Trails Maintenance Committee.

  58. Transportation Advisory Committee

    Advise the Town on project dealing with transportation. This would include transit, cycling along with other types of transportation.

  59. Walcott Fund - Board of Managers

    View board members of the Walcott Fund - Board of Managers.

  60. West Natick Fire Station Building Committee

  61. Zoning Board of Appeals

    The Zoning Board of Appeals hear and decide numerous petitions, including but not limited to: appeals, special permits, and variances.

  62. Kennedy Middle School Building Committee