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  1. Town Hall

    Town Hall houses the following departments and their staff, Comptroller, Collector/Treasurer, Community Development, Finance, Health, Selectmen's Office, School Administration, Technology, Town Administrator, Town Clerk and Retirement.

  2. Cole Center (Recreation & Parks)

    Cole Center is the home of the Recreation and Parks department staff.

  3. Community Organic Farm

    The Community Farm is Natick's own certified-organic farm.

  4. Community Center

    Community Service Center houses the following department and their staff, Council on Aging, Human Services, Lunch Cafe and Veteran Services.

  5. DPW, Procurement & Sustainability

    Public Works facilities houses the following departments and their staff, Engineering, Equipment Maintenance, GIS, Highway & Sanitation, Land Facilities and Natural Resources, Water and Sewer. Also the Procurement Officer and Sustainability.

  6. Fire Station (Headquarters)

    The Fire Station houses the Fire department staff.

  7. Memorial Beach

    The beach offers public swimming, swimming lessons, swim team, among other things during their summer hours.

  8. Morse Institute Library

    Morse Institute Library is the home of the town's library staff.

  9. Police Station

    The Police Station houses the Police department staff.

  10. Sassamon Trace Golf Course

    The Sassamon Trace is Natick's beautiful Golf Course.

  11. Recycling Center

  12. Webmaster

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