Posted on: June 15, 2017

Natick Electricity Aggregation Program

Natick Electricity Aggregation Program to Bring More Renewable Energy to Natick Starting in July

New 6-month contract will integrate an additional 5% renewable energy while providing a price below Eversource Basic Service 

Natick, MA. Natick’s electricity aggregation program will increase the amount of renewable energy in Natick’s electricity supply while continuing to offer a price that beats Eversource Basic Service. Starting in July 2017, the standard program offering will include an additional 5% renewable energy from projects in New England, in addition to the minimum amount required by state law. At the same time, the program will change to 10.708 ¢/kWh for all customer types, which will be below the Eversource summer price of 10.759 ¢/kWh.

The program’s current 6-month contract with NextEra Energy Services will expire with July 2017 meter reads; however NextEra will remain the Town’s supplier as part of the new program. The new price and the integration of additional renewable energy are the result of a new 6-month contract with NextEra, which will go into effect with July 2017 meter reads. Participants will first see the new price under Supplier charges on their August 2017 Eversource bill, which covers electricity use in July. The new price applies to all rate classes, including residential, small business, and medium and large business accounts. Program participants can be assured of savings for the duration of this contract because neither the contract price nor Eversource pricing will change during the contract period.

The program offers two alternatives to Eversource Basic Service:

  • Standard Green is the default program offering. Standard Green will be available for 10.706 ¢/kWh and will include an additional 5% renewable energy from renewable energy projects in New England, above and beyond the minimum amount required by the state.
  • A Natick Basic option is also available for 10.623 ¢/kWh. Like Eversource Basic Service, Natick Basic will not include any additional renewable energy beyond the minimum required by the state. Program participants may switch to Natick Basic by calling the program’s electricity supplier, NextEra Energy Services, at 1-855-259-1181.

Customers who are currently enrolled in the program under the Town’s existing contract with NextEra will be automatically enrolled under the new contract, as will any new Eversource Basic Service customer. Customers who have their own supplier agreement or chose to opt out of Natick’s previous aggregation can call NextEra at 1-855-259-1181 to opt in. Any Natick customer can opt in or opt out of the program with no penalty, at any time.

The new prices will be in effect from July 2017 meter reads through December 2017 meter reads. When the new electricity supply contract ends, the Natick Board of Selectmen will have the choice to either negotiate a new electricity supply contract or return all program participants to Eversource Basic Service.

Additional details, including information on how to switch from one option to another or opt out of the program, are available at www.masspowerchoice.com/natick. Customer support is available from the Town’s consultants by email at natick@masspowerchoice.com or by phone at 1-844-483-5004.

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