Zoning Regulations

The following is an index of PDF documents representing the Zoning By-Laws for the Town of Natick, Massachusetts.  These documents should not be considered official copies, but faithful replications.  Before you select a document to view, make sure you have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your machine.

Directory of Sections

Complete index of sections with page numbers.
Purpose & authorization, basic requirements, index of terms.
Types and locations of districts.
Permitted use regulations, floodplain, aquifer, affordable housing.
User regulation table.
Use regulations for highway, LC, mixed-use, cluster developments.
Use regulations for wireless communications facilities.
Use regulations for highway overlay district.
General requirements, regulations by district, footnotes.
Table of intensity regulations by zoning district.
Non-conforming uses, accessory uses, open space, flooding, signs.
Enforcement, permits, town boards, validity.