Article 2


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Section 1               Nomination Procedure for Town Meeting Members
In addition to the nomination procedure in Section 2-4 (b) of the Charter, this alternative nomination procedure, authorized by Section 10 of Chapter 53 of the General Laws, may be used in the case of an incumbent Town Meeting member seeking reelection.

Before the annual town election, the Town Clerk shall notify all Town Meeting members whose terms of office will expire and shall ask them to notify him if they desire to be candidates for reelection. If they do notify him in the manner directed, they shall be nominated for the office.

Section 2               Election of Town Meeting Members
All candidates for Town Meeting member shall be listed together on the ballot. In descending order of votes received, Town Meeting members shall be elected to the number of three-year terms to be filled, then to the number of two-year terms, and then to the number of one-year terms. Procedures in Section 2-5 of the Charter shall be used to resolve ties.