Article 25


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Section 1               Composition, Term of Office, Membership

There shall be a Council on Aging consisting of not less than three (3) nor more than eleven (11) members appointed for a term of three (3) years by the Board of Selectmen from the residents of the Town. The Chairperson of the Council shall be designated annually by the Council. It shall be the duty of the Council to carry out programs designed to meet problems of the aging in coordination with programs of the Executive Office of Elder Affairs established under Chapter 40, Section 8B of the General Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

a.     Membership of the Council shall reflect the diversity of the population, when possible.

b.     All members shall be sworn in by the Town Clerk or his designee and shall not serve until duly sworn in.

c.     Members shall serve not more than two three-year terms in succession.

d.    Each member shall have one vote on any question or matter before the Council. The Council on Aging may appoint associate members who may participate in deliberations and serve on subcommittees but have no vote on matters before the Council.