Article 42


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Section 1 – Fuel Oils

Subject to the provisions of Chapter 148 of the Massachusetts General laws and 527 CMR, an initial one-time license and, thereafter, annual registration with the Board of Selectmen for the storage of fuel oils, petroleum products, or inflammable fluids, for other than the applicant's own use or the use of the applicant’s household, are required as follows:

a.  The storage of fuel oil over 10,000 gallons; and/or
b.  The storage of gasoline, petroleum products or inflammable fluids.

Storage of such items for sale shall be subject to the following fee schedule:

Initial (one-time) License Fees

(1)  Not over 2,000 gallons $ 35.00
(2)  Each additional 1,000 gallons or part thereof   $   5.00
(3)  Maximum license fees $150.00

Annual Registration Fees

One-half (1/2) of the Initial License Fees

Section 2 – Transient Vendors

Every person before commencing business in the Town as a transient vendor, whether as principal or agent, shall make written application under oath, for a Town license to the Board of Selectmen and upon payment of a license fee fixed by it in compliance with Chapter 101 of the Massachusetts General Laws, shall be issued a license, provided, however, that said transient vendor comply with the regulations of the Board of Selectmen.