Junk Dealer's License

The Junk Dealer's License is for those looking to be collectors of junk, dealers in junk, or keepers of shops for the purchase, sale, or barter of junk, old metals, or second-hand articles.

To apply for a Junk Dealer's license you need to:

  1. Complete the Junk Dealer's License Application, including the section for a background check
  2. Confirm that you have read the Natick Business Recycling and Waste Guide
  3. Submit a copy of your Articles of Organization if a Corporation, or a copy of you Membership Agreement and List of Members if an LLC, or a copy of your Partnership Agreement if a Partnership
  4. Submit all required information to: Select Board, Town Hall (2nd Floor), 13 East Central Street, Natick, MA 01760
Once the Select Boardreceives your information and a recommendation from the Police Department, you will be scheduled to meet with the Select Board.

All checks should be made out to "Town of Natick."  For more information, visit the state website explaining the general laws on junk dealers.