Article 70


Section 1               Powers and Duties

The Town Administrator shall have the general direction and management of the affairs of the Town concerning public water supply, public sewerage, highways, sidewalks, the removal of public shade trees, sign posts, garbage and refuse collections and Town Gravel Pit, and shall operate and administer the Town Recycling Center in accordance with rules and regulations established by the Board of Health.

Section 2               Rental Charges

The Town Administrator may make a charge for use or rental of road machinery used on construction work authorized by Town Meeting vote.

Section 3               Receipts

All receipts from charges for use or rental of road machinery shall be paid over to the Town Treasurer and credited to an account entitled Road Machinery Account, the proceeds to be thereafter appropriated as voted by the Town for road machinery purposes.

Section 4               Restrictions on Use of Equipment

Road machinery and equipment owned by the Town shall not be used for purposes other than Town or civic projects.

Section 5               Removal of Vehicles Impeding Snow Removal

The Director of Public Works or other officer having charge of ways, for the purpose of removing or plowing snow, or removing ice from any way may remove or cause to be removed to some convenient place, including a public garage, any vehicle interfering with such work.  He shall keep, or cause to be kept, records of the registration number of each vehicle so removed and the place to which it is removed and shall within twelve (12) hours report said information to the Police Department of Natick who shall notify the owner or his agent.

Before the owner or his agent shall be permitted to claim a vehicle which has been removed as aforesaid to a public garage or other convenient place, he shall:

 a.  Furnish satisfactory evidence to the owner or person in charge of said public garage or to the Chief of Police of his identity and ownership or right to the possession of said vehicle.
b.  Pay the cost of removing and storing said vehicle, together with the cost of publishing or sending any notices as may be required.

Section 6               Betterments

Whenever betterments are assessed in connection with a public way, the entire cost of the construction of streets on said ways shall be assessed to the abutters and one-half (1/2) of the costs of construction of sidewalks shall be assessed to the abutters, provided, however, that this section shall not apply to a subdivision of land under Section 81 of Chapter 41 of the General Laws as amended.

The Director of Public Works may make repairs to private ways providing that an Annual or Special Town Meeting determines that the repairs are required by public necessity and convenience and a majority of the abutters petition for such repairs to be made and that the way has been open to public use for a period of six (6) years. Such repairs shall include the installation and construction of drainage if necessary, and the filling of holes in the sub-surface of such ways and repairs to the surface materials thereof. Materials for such repairs shall, where practical, be the same as or similar to those used for existing surfaces of such ways but may include surfacing the ways with bituminous materials including but not limited to bituminous concrete.

The Town Administrator shall assess betterment's upon the owners of estates which derive particular advantage from the making of such repairs on any such private way. Such assessment shall be a sum equal, in the aggregate, to the total cost of such repairs and, in the case of each such estate, in proportion to the frontage thereof on such way. Except as otherwise provided, the provisions of Chapter 80 of the General Laws, as amended, relating to public improvements and assessments thereof shall apply to repairs to private ways ordered to be made under this section; provided that no assessment amounting to less than five hundred dollars ($500.00) shall be apportioned and no assessment may be apportioned into more than twenty (20) portions.

The Town shall not be liable on account of any damage caused by such repairs.

Section 7               Tank and/or Contaminated Soil Betterment

a.   Basic Requirements -The Board of Selectmen of the Town of Natick shall assess tank and/or soil contamination abatement net costs to all private properties whose tank and/or contaminated soil was removed and lawfully disposed of at Town expense.
 b.  Method of Apportionment of Costs -The owners of each dwelling unit shall be charged a betterment equal to the net cost of removing and disposing of such tank and/or soil from that owner's property.

The net cost of removing and disposing of such tank and/or soil from an owner's property is defined as the Town's cost to remove and lawfully dispose of such material, not to exceed five thousand dollars ($5,000.00), on the condition that any cost over five thousand dollars ($5,000.00) shall be paid from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and/or the United States government. If no such grant is provided to the Town, this paragraph shall not take effect and further action of Town Meeting will be required to fund the project.
 c.  Terms of the BettermentThe owners who are assessed betterments for the above purposes will have the option of paying the betterment immediately or paying it over a number of years up to a maximum total of 20 years.

Such property owners shall have the right to pay off the remaining balance of a betterment at any time.

When a property with such a betterment is conveyed to another party, the remaining balance of the betterment may be paid or the obligation of the betterment may be transferred to the new property owner.

The interest paid by a property owner on the betterment will be equal to the rate of interest paid by the Town on any bond or note issued for this improvement.

Approved April 2018