Irrigation Meter Information






Installation only May 1st through October 31st

All home owners/plumbers interested in the installation of an Irrigation Meter should follow this procedure:

1.         The home owner needs to hire a licensed plumber.

2.         The plumber shall obtain a plumbing permit from Community Development at the Town Hall, 13 East Central Street, 2nd floor, Natick. The cost will be $50.00 for Residential and $65.00 for Commercial.

3.         The home owner/plumber shall furnish a new Neptune water meter*

(reading in cubic feet), radio transmitter, and any additional parts necessary to install the meter and transmitter (i.e.: Ford brass valve**, nipples, wire, etc.)

Residential irrigation meter size: 5/8”.

Commercial irrigation meter size: Contact the water department prior to purchase.

4.         The new meter, radio transmitter and the plumbing permit shall be brought to the Department of Public Works, 75 West Street.  An appointment to have the water shut off will be made between the DPW, plumber and resident at this time.  The meter and radio transmitter shall remain at the DPW for calibration and the Water Dept staff will bring the meter and transmitter to the appointment.

5.         The home owner/plumber shall furnish and install the radio wire from the new meter to the outside radio transmitter.

6.         A fee of $25.00 shall be paid to the Town of Natick, Department of Public Works to cover the cost of calibration, water shut-off and turn on.    

7.         Additional questions can be answered by calling the Water Department at


 *   Only Neptune meters reading in cubic feet will be accepted.

 ** Only Ford brass ball valves will be accepted.

See attached diagram for examples of typical irrigation meter installations.