Article 72 - Building Regulations


Section 1               Building Permits, Orders, and Certificates

Each permit, order and certificate issued by the Building Inspector shall bear a serial number and date, identical on all copies, and shall definitely locate the premises referred to by street and number or otherwise.

Section 2               Identification of Structures by Street Number

At the time of issuing a certificate of occupancy for a building or structure, whether same be new, added to or altered, or for a change of occupancy if no street number has been assigned thereto, the Building Inspector shall, wherever it is practicable, assign a number or numbers in accordance with the existing numbering system. The Building Inspector shall also assign and order street numbers in accordance with the said system to be affixed or displayed on any buildings not already so numbered on any street. Such numbers shall be affixed or displayed in such a manner as to be readily visible from the street. Owners shall be allowed ten (10) days after the giving of written notice by the Building Inspector to comply with such order.

The street number of an existing building or structure may be changed only by vote of the Board of Selectmen, after a Public Hearing by the Board of Selectmen for which fourteen (14) days written notice has been given to the owner of each building or structure for which the number is proposed to be changed and after receipt by the Board of Selectmen of a written recommendation from the Safety Committee of the Town.

Section 3               Fees

A fee schedule for permits and certificates may be established or amended by the Selectmen and the Building Inspector after due notice has been given by publication in a local newspaper at least fourteen (14) days prior to approval.

Section 4               Fences

All fences shall be erected with the finished side of the fence facing the property of the abutters and the frame side of the fence facing the property on which it is erected. The fence owner shall not use the land between the fence and the boundary line for the storage or disposal of any material. The fence owner shall have access to any abutter's side of the fence for maintenance and repairs.

Unless written permission is secured from the abutters to erect fence on property lines, fence must be erected at least one (1) foot in from boundary lines.

Section 5               Height Requirements at Intersection

In any lot which abuts an intersection of two or more streets, no fence, shrubbery or other object which is located within fifteen (15) feet of such an intersection, shall be maintained more than three (3) feet above the street grade measured at said intersection.

Section 6               Signs in Public Ways or on Public Property

No person shall place any unauthorized or non-conforming sign within the right-of-way of any street or on public property. The Building Commissioner is authorized to take down and remove such an unauthorized or non-conforming sign. Such sign shall be retained by the Building Commissioner for a period of thirty days after its removal. The owner of such sign may reclaim it within thirty days of its removal by submitting satisfactory proof of ownership to the Building Commissioner. If such sign is not claimed within such thirty day period, the Building Commissioner may cause such sign to be destroyed without incurring any liability to the Town or any of its Agents.