Report a Concern

SeeClickFix is a digital tool that allows citizens to report non-emergency neighborhood issues, which are communicated to local government.  Use the app to report issues such as:

Curbside Recycling CollectionCurbside Rubish Collection
PotholesSidewalk Repair
Snow PlowingStorm Wating Drainage/Flooding
Street LightsTraffic Signal
Traffic or Street SignHazard Trees
Water or Sanitary Sewer Inquiry 

You have the option to upload a photo with each service request, as a visual reference to help communicate the issue.  Customer service requests are routed to Town staff to help answer your questions and provide solutions.


The widget above allows you to make service requests, as well as, discover existing issues that have been reported from your computer.  To report an issue:

  1. Make sure the Report tab is selected
  2. Drag the map marker to the location of your issue, or type in the address directly
  3. Click Next
  4. Choose a service request Category from the drop-down menu that matches your issue
  5. Enter a Title (required), additional Description (optional), and attach an Image (optional)
  6. Click submit


SeeClickFix is available for download as an app on the following platforms:

 itunes googleplay


Town of Natick staff responds to SeeClickFix requests during regular business hours.  If this report comes in on a holiday, weekend or after-hours, it will be read on the next business day.

 Please be advised: SeeClickFix is NOT to be used for emergencies.  For urgent matters, that require immediate attention or a police response, call 9-1-1.

Once you have sent a report, you will receive email communication acknowledging your service request.  You can continue to check on the status of the issue online.  Once the work is complete or the issue has been resolved, you will be notified by email as well.

For technical support with the SeeClickFix platform (web or mobile), please email directly.