Campaign and Political Finance Reports

We are beginning to post campaign finance reports on this page. We will focus first on current candidates for office. Many of our candidates and current elected officers do not have any funds and come to the office to sign or file a zero balance report. If you do not see a filing for a specific candidate, please call the Town Clerk's office at (508) 647-6430 X4 or email 

All local candidates must complete campaign finance reports each year. Current year candidates must also file pre-election and post election reports. Current elected officers, must also file a year end report every year, due January 21st.  All reports for local election candidates should be submitted to the Town Clerk's Office.  The Office for Campaign Finance (OCPF) has scheduled several training seminars for local candidates. These seminars are very helpful for candidates and their treasurers.  The seminars are all the same, held at different times, to accommodate different schedules. The training lasts about 45 minutes.  They are extremely helpful.  Information on the seminars is listed below:


Jan. 27, 9 a.m.
Feb. 7, 6 p.m.
Feb. 17, 9 a.m.
March 20, noon


Click here for the campaign finance report dates for the 2023 Annual Town Election

Select Board Candidates

Kathryn Coughlin

2022 Statement of Organization

2022 Pre-election report

Bruce Evans

Bruce Evans 2022 Statement of Organization

2022 Post Election Report

Bruce Evans 2022 Pre-election report

Cody Jacobs

Cody Jacobs 2022 Statement of Organization

Cody Jacobs 2022 Pre-election report

School Committee Candidates

Cathi Collins 2022 Pre-election report

Cathi Collins 2022 Post Election Report

Cathi Collins 2021 year end report

Kate Flathers 2022 Pre-election report

Elise Gorseth 2022 Pre-election report

Henry Haugland 2022 Pre-election report

Henry Haugland 2022 Post Election report