Natick Center Plan

Natick Center as witnessed a great transformation since 40 years ago, when the last Master Plan for the community was completed in the 1970s. At that time, the plan for Natick Center was to utilize 1950s and 1960s-style urban renewal techniques to "revitalize" downtown.

Fortunately, those efforts did not come to fruition. Natick Center in 2015 is rich with revitalized historic and new properties, largely occupied with a mix of commercial, retail, cultural, residential, and civic uses.  

The purpose of the Natick Center Plan is to work with the Town, property owners, business owners, and citizens to craft a vision for short- and long-term changes to capitalize on the current and future assets in Natick Center. The project will engage the public in a discussion about how Natick Center can support the needs of the residents and businesses today, as well as those who may be here in the future. We will look at potential opportunities for redevelopment, which will include ways to improve the current utilization of existing buildings in the Center. We will look closely at parking needs, parking ratios, and impact new growth could have on the current parking supply. We will also recommend ways to improve multi-modal transportation connections within and outside Natick Center.

The goal of the Natick Center Plan is to develop a clear action-oriented path for the Town and other stakeholders that will help maximize the benefits to the Town and take advantage of the Center’s proximity to public transportation.