Small Business Recycling Information

Natick Small Business Recycling & Waste Guide

Like our Residents, all Natick businesses are encouraged to recycle; in some instances, it is mandatory. Businesses operating in Massachusetts must follow state and federal rules and regulations for the disposal of waste.

The Town of Natick encourages businesses to engage in the proactive, responsible recycling of waste materials whenever possible. This guide outlines resources for recycling materials and disposing of waste, as well as the rules and regulations that businesses must follow.


Rules & Regulations

  • Massachusetts Waste Disposal Bans
  • The following items are prohibited from disposal and/or transfer for disposal in Massachusetts:
    • Asphalt pavement, brick, and concrete
    • Cathode ray tubes
    • Clean gypsum wallboard
    • Ferrous and non-ferrous metals
    • Glass and metal containers *
    • Lead acid batteries
    • Recyclable paper, cardboard and paperboard *
    • Single resin narrow-necked plastics
    • Treated and untreated wood and wood waste
    • White goods (large appliances)
    • Whole tires (banned from landfills only; shredded tires acceptable)
*Accepted at the Natick Recycling Center

The Natick Recycling Center

The recycling center is located on West Street at the corner of Route 27, accepts these post-consumer materials from businesses; paper, cardboard, glass containers, tin and aluminum cans and foil, plastic containers [labeled 1 - 7], alkaline and small rechargeable batteries and rigid plastics. Natick Residents can bring afore listed materials as well as block polystyrene foam, waste oil and yard waste. The current hours of operation (Jan 2013) are Thursday/Friday from 8 - 12 noon and Saturday/Sunday from 8 - 3:30.