Natick Teen Center

About Us:

The Teen Center is a low-cost after school resource for middle and high school students (grade 6+). As a convenient place to hang out with friends, participants can hang out in the gym, game room, and on the fields. Staff are available to help foster positive relationships, supervise, and play with participants. The Teen Center has a wide variety of programs surrounding its mission to provide young teens with the opportunity to be independent, hang out with friends, and belong to a community focused solely on them. 

Our Mission:

The mission of the Teen Center is to provide a fun, safe space to be after school, free or low-cost programming, and a chance to explore new and exciting opportunities.
Participants who attend the Teen Center will learn independence and teamwork in an autonomous environment.

The Teen Center is closed for the summer.  We will reopen on the first day of school, August 30th, 2022.

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Hours of Operation:

The Teen Center is open 2:15pm-6:00pm, Monday-Thursday. The Teen Center is open to all middle school students living in Natick and/or attending Natick Public Schools. 

The Teen Center operates concurrent to the Natick Public Schools schedule, and is therefore closed on holidays, weekends, election days, etc. To see the most up to date information on closures, please follow us on social media!

Program Overview:

Participants can hang out with friends, finish homework, and play in the gym, game room, and on the fields! Free snacks are provided.

Teen Center staff are available to hang out with participants, play sports, referee games, help participants focus on homework, and so much more! We take pride in fostering a positive environment and healthy adult/participant relationships.

As a drop-in program, participants may check in and out as they please throughout the afternoon. The Teen Center & Natick Recreation and Parks is not responsible for participants after the program closes. 
This program is not licensed by the EEC or any other state agency.

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The Teen Center shares weekly schedules with up our daily activities and updates on any schedule changes for the week. We also share awesome programs from our community partners!

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  • Donate - We graciously accept donations for equipment, gift cards or funding to offset costs for classes and programs.

  • Volunteer - We are looking for help with homework, program instructors & chaperones. If that sounds like you, please contact Lauren Meurer at

  • Spread the Word!  -   Please follow the Natick Recreation Department on Facebook, subscribe to our eblast and look for our events at school  Forward information to your friends, other families, everyone!   The more popular we are, the more we can do!