Regulation of Adult-Use (Recreational) Marijuana

In 2016, over 54% of Natick residents voted in favor of legalizing adult use ("recreational") marijuana in Massachusetts.  Since that vote, the Commonwealth has worked to establish regulations and a governing entity (known as the Cannabis Control Commission (CCC)) to license marijuana establishments in the State.  Because the majority of Natick residents voted in favor of the legalization of adult use marijuana, the Town must now determine the best approach for regulating this use for the benefit and safety of the Natick community. 

To start this conversation, on June 21st the Natick Board of Selectmen (BOS) held a public forum in order to answer questions about the State law and gain feedback on how best to regulate adult use marijuana.  Materials from that meeting are available below.

To inform, education, and guide this process, the BOS, in partnership with Town Staff and other Town Boards/Committees, created this page as an information repository of local and state regulations, as well as to provide updates (as available) as the Town works through the local regulatory processes.  

Per state law, since Natick voted in favor of adult use marijuana, the Town must choose to either ban adult use marijuana through a town-wide ballot or reasonably regulate adult use marijuana through local regulation (zoning, Board of Health, etc). 

Approximate timeline:

  • October 2017 - Local Moratorium approved (expires December 31, 2018)
  • June/July/August/September 2018 - Draft & Review local regulations & policies
  • August 2018 - Submit applicable Warrant Articles for Fall 2018 Town Meeting
  • October/November/December 2018 - Seek approval of local regulations/policies

Regulations & Policies to consider:

  • Zoning bylaws governing the time, place and manner of an adult use marijuana establishment;
  • Board of Health regulations;
  • Other local policies/procedures - i.e. process for negotiating Host Community Agreements; implement local licensing process/fees; etc.

This page will be updated on a regular basis as the local regulatory approval process continues over the next several months.  Please email the the Board of Selectmen ( with any questions or comments.