Regulation of Adult-Use (Recreational) Marijuana

In 2016, over 54% of Natick residents voted in favor of legalizing adult use ("recreational") marijuana in Massachusetts. Since that vote, the Commonwealth has worked to establish regulations and a governing entity (known as the Cannabis Control Commission (CCC)) to license marijuana establishments in the State. Because the majority of Natick residents voted in favor of the legalization of adult use marijuana, the Town must now determine the best approach for regulating this use for the benefit and safety of the Natick community.

In October 2018, Natick Town Meeting voted to 1) create the local zoning necessary to permit Adult Use Marijuana Establishments, and 2) authorize the Board of Selectmen to issue licenses for Adult Use Marijuana Establishments. Town Meeting limited the number of Retail Marijuana Establishments to two (2) – or “limited to twenty percent (20%) of the number of licenses issued within the Town for the retail sale of alcoholic beverages not to be drunk on the premises where sold pursuant to G.L. c.138 §15”

The adopted zoning and general bylaw amendments are provided below for reference. The Board of Selectmen will be adopting rules and regulations for the licensing of adult use marijuana establishments in the Spring of 2020.

Natick Adult Use Marijuana Establishments Request for Interest (RFI)

The Town of Natick invites interested parties to submit an application in response to this Request for Information for individuals/companies seeking to operate an Adult Use Marijuana Establishment in the Town.  Selected Respondent(s) may be invited to negotiate a Host Community Agreement with the Board of Selectmen and move forward with the local permitting and licensing processes.

The original submission deadline was May 4,2020 but due to COVID-19 the deadline submission has been extended to June 8, 2020.  The RFI, which includes descriptions of all the required submittal materials, may be downloaded from here /DocumentCenter/View/9277/Natick-Marijuana-Establishments-RFI.

This page will be updated on a regular basis as the local regulatory approval process continues over the next several months. Please email the James Freas, Director of Community & Economic Development ( with any questions or comments.