Project Updates

Please note that dates are approximate and are subject to change. This information will be updated periodically. 

Construction updates – 9/7/2019 

  • Clearing of vegetation along the CRT right of way is substantially completed.
  • Trees have been cleared where access paths will require re-grading and new landscaping.
  • Route 30 roadwork construction is now underway.
  • Utility relocations are ongoing for overhead wire relocations on Routes 9 and 30.
  • The existing CRT bench, kiosk, and pathway immediately north of Route 30 will be temporarily removed in mid-September.
  • Route 9 bridge demolition is estimated to begin by October 2019; bridge abutments and concrete formwork will follow shortly thereafter.
  • Route 30 bridge construction is estimated to begin in late 2019.
  • Pathway construction is expected to begin late Spring 2020.
  • The trail is closed for the balance of construction, which will include Route 9 bridge demolition and removal of the existing abutments starting October 2019. This work will involve occasional detours on Route 9.

Project Updates – 9/7/2019

  • The CRT in Natick will now be closed to the public for the duration of construction for safety. This is a change of plans, made necessary because of the continued use of the trail by the public during construction and clearing. In addition, the project team has determined that following tree clearing, the trail is not safe for public use. 
  • For your safety, do not use the CRT until it is re-opened to the public.
  • On Friday, July 19, MassDOT held a groundbreaking ceremony for the Natick CRT project and to announce the final State Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation Plans. See MassDOT blog.
  • Signs and barriers are in place to alert the public.
  • Public access is prohibited from Willow Street to the Natick Center MBTA Station.
  • A construction contract has been awarded by MassDOT to MAS Building and Bridge, and they along with several subcontractors have begun work.
  • All work will be conducted within the right of way owned by the Town, or on land subject to easements and access agreements.
  • Construction is underway, and is scheduled to be completed by early 2021.
  • Construction is funded with 80% federal and 20% state funding.
  • The Town of Natick acquired the right of way from CSX Transportation in 2016, and temporary and permanent easements were acquired in 2018.
  • The Town will be developing maintenance, oversight, safety and parking plans prior to the completion of construction.
  • The Town will be working with MassDOT on planning for a connection from Willow Street to the new Natick Center MBTA Station, to be constructed after the MBTA Station is completed.
  • Contact with any questions or concerns.