Senior Energy Grant Program

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The Town of Natick is excited to launch a new program focused on helping Seniors save energy and money, enabling them to stay in their homes and our community. In collaboration with Eversource, the Council on Aging and local volunteers, Seniors are invited to apply for volunteer assistance and up to $500 to complete a home energy audit and participate in the MassSave energy efficiency program.*

Our goal is to help 100 Seniors participate in MassSave and we look forward to working with you.

Volunteer Energy Concierge Team

We understand that some Seniors may be uncomfortable opening their home to an energy auditor or insulation contractor, and that others may just want some help navigating the MassSave program. As such, our volunteer energy concierge team is available to all Seniors, regardless of their interest or eligibility for grants. Please contact Karen Edwards at 508-647-6540, ext 1905 to get matched with a volunteer.

MassSave Phone Number

*Grant Eligibility

All Natick residents who live in a 1-4 unit home are eligible to receive free home energy audits and 75% off approved insulation improvements through MassSave.

Natick residents who are 60 years of age or older, who live in their own home (1-4 units), and have an income of no more than $70,000 for an individual and $85,000 for a couple are eligible to apply for a grant to offset any remaining home energy improvement projects. Our volunteers or members of the Community Services team are available to privately answer any questions about income eligibility. Note, all grant applications will be submitted anonymously to a review board comprised of the Sustainability Office and Council on Aging.