East Central, Bacon, and Rt. 9 Water Main Project

October 16, 2019

The Contractor has installed the new main to the intersection of University Drive.

This week they are installing water services across the roadway. The service installation across the road will continue into next week.

Additionally they will be testing the new water main.

Once the new water main passes testing and the water services are connected to the new water main the Contractor will make the final connection at University Drive.

The connection at University Drive will be completed at nighttime due to the large number of buildings that will be out of water for the connection. This includes buildings on East Central Street starting at University Drive and heading west.

Any questions or issued please do not hesitate to contact our office of the Natick DPW.

September 24, 2019 UPDATE

W. Walsh began the 10” diameter water main replacement last week, starting at the Wellesley end of the project. They installed approximately 600 linear feet of pipe last week with approximately 1,900 linear feet of pipe replacement remaining.

Please speak with the contractor or our inspector, John Harte, if you need to get a vehicle in and out of your driveway throughout the day, when the contractor is working in front of your house. Each driveway on the north side will need to be blocked to allow the trench work to pass by the driveway. The Contractor will provide safe vehicular passage across the trench once they pass each driveway, however the downtime for the driveway could be 1-2 hours. Once the water main is completed the Contractor will complete the remaining water service installation across the road.

Any questions or issues please do not hesitate to email or call me or the Natick DPW or if it’s directly related to the work you can speak with the Contractor or John Harte.

September 9, 2019 UPDATE

Route 9

Contractor cleaned and lined the water main on the Rt 9 / Rt 27 ramp last night. They also paved the trenches along Rt 9.

They will be back out there tonight, tomorrow night and Wednesday night and possibly Thursday night to complete the work on the ramp.

Next spring they will be back to complete cleaning and lining of the water main in the westbound lane from RT 27 to Lakeshore Road and the water main replacement from Stop and Shop to Vision Drive. Both projects will be completed at night.

East Central & Bacon

The Contractor is completing water main work on another street in Natick, this week.

They anticipate mobilizing next week to East Central to begin the water main replacement work from University Drive to the Town Line. As mentioned prior, the project included cleaning and lining the 10” water main, however upon starting the work a concrete duct bank was found directly over the water main, preventing this work to be completed.

Therefore a new water main will be installed near the edge of pavement in the westbound lane. They are anticipating 1-1/2 months to complete the water main replacement. Once the water main is installed and tested, they will connect each water service, both sides of the road, to the new water main. That will require installation of the remaining water services across the road from the south side houses.

The trenching across driveways should only require and hour or so to complete. Please speak with the contractor and they will let you know when your driveway will be blocked.

Any questions or issues please do not hesitate to contact my office or the Natick DPW.

August 26, 2019 UPDATE

Route 9

Contractor completed the 8” water main cleaning and lining from the RT 27 onramp to Linden Street. They have filled the line and chlorinated the pipe. Over the next couple of days they will take water samples, if samples pass then they will activate the water main and transfer the water services from the temporary water main to the Town’s water main.

Next week the Contractor will start the cleaning and lining process for the 8” water main in the Rt9 off/on ramps from RT 27 to Rt 9.

Bacon St. & East Central (Rt. 135)

The Contractor has completed cleaning and lining of the Bacon Street water main.

They have received clean water samples for the Bacon Street water main and will begin switching water services from the temporary water main to the cleaned and lined water main. They will make appointments with each home owner to complete the process.

Rt 135 they will remobilize to continue replacing water services in the next couple of weeks.

The Town is reviewing the costs to install a new 10” water main in the westbound lane due to utility conflicts. If approved by the Town, the Contractor will begin that work in the next couple of weeks.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our office or the Natick DPW.

August 19, 2019 UPDATE

Route 9

Contractor has completed the water main cleaning and lining work on Bacon Street. This week they will be sampling the lined pipe, if all samples pass, then next week they will activate the lined water main and start switching houses from the temporary by-pass pipe back to the water main.

Contractor will contact each home owner to schedule that switchover.

East Central (Rt. 135)

Contractor is working nights on another part of the project and does not anticipate working on East Central Street this week.


Route 9

Last week the contractor was cleaning and lining the Route 9, westbound, water main from the Rail Road Bridge to Speen Street off ramp at night. Last night and tonight they will be re-assembling the pipe in the pits.

The Contractor anticipates reactivating the water main next week.

The contractor is preparing to install temporary aboveground by-pass piping on Route 9, East Bound, from the Rt 27 on-ramp to Linden Drive. This work may be completed during the day where possible, otherwise at night if near Route 9. Once the temporary pipe is installed and disinfected they will make temporary connections to the buildings. This may require entry into the building by the Contractor and will require water shut off for a short duration, possibly 15 minutes.

East Central

Last week the contractor continued installing water services across the road way on East Central Street.

In some locations they will install the water service to the property line if the water service is located in the driveway, otherwise they will come back to complete the water service install from the edge of the roadway to the property lines.

As previously mentioned the scope may be changing from cleaning and lining the 10” water main on the north side of the road to replacement of the water main from University Drive to the Town Line. This is due to the existing concrete utility duct interference. This change will require a longer work period as original anticipated.

The contractor is completing night time work on another section of the project. Therefore, his crew did not work today on East Central and will not be back to East Central until possibly this Wednesday.

Any issues or questions please do not hesitate to contact my office or the Natick DPW, or email me.

JUNE 25, 2019 UPDATE

Route 9

The Contractor will be excavating pits on Route 9 west of the railroad bridge to the Speen Street exit ramp, starting tonight. This work will be completed at night, as required by the MassDOT permit. Over the next 2-3 weeks, the Contractor will be cleaning and lining this section of water main, again at night.

Night time hours are 9:00 pm to 5:00 am, Sunday through Thursday.

Contractor will not work Wednesday through Friday next week due to the holiday.

The week of July 8, the Contractor will begin installing above ground by-pass piping on Route 9, east bound, starting at the Route 27 on-ramp.

East Central

The Contractor will continue installing new water services across Rt 135 this week.

The Town is considering a change in project scope that will include replacement of the 10” water main due to a conflict with a concrete duct bank. If the change is approved, the contractor will excavate a trench along the westbound roadway gutter (between white fog line and curb) from University Drive to Pond Road in Wellesley to install a new water pipe. Once the new water main is completed, the new water services will be connected to the new water main and then the new water service connections will be completed in the south side house yards.

Bacon Street: Contractor is awaiting water sample results for the temporary water pipe, once received, contractor will be scheduling connections to the houses followed by pit excavations.

Contractor plans on working next Monday through Wednesday next week, with Thursday and Friday off for the holiday.

JUNE 10, 2019 UPDATE

The contractor has received passing bacteria results for the temporary water mains on East Central Street. Therefore, this morning they have started connecting houses to the temporary water main. The Contractor will be reaching out to the home owners to schedule a time to enter the house and make the connection inside the home.

Homes on the North side of East Central Street will have 2 hoses connected to the house plumbing system. Houses on the South side will have 1 hose connected to the house.

When on temporary water, please remember the warm outside temperatures can increase the water temperature in the hose, please run the water until the water temperature drops before drinking the water.

The Contractor has started the work required to install new water services from the South Side houses, across East Central Street and connect to the water main on the North side. This work will require the contractor to move a small excavator in the grass area of each house to access the water service at the shut off valve.   The Contractor has marked most of the shut off valves with blue paint and a wood stake. The Contractor will take all precautions to minimize the damage to the grass areas, and will reseed the areas when the work is completed.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to my office or Natick DPW.

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