East Central, Bacon, and Rt. 9 Water Main Project

The contractor has received passing bacteria results for the temporary water mains on East Central Street. Therefore, this morning they have started connecting houses to the temporary water main. The Contractor will be reaching out to the home owners to schedule a time to enter the house and make the connection inside the home.

Homes on the North side of East Central Street will have 2 hoses connected to the house plumbing system. Houses on the South side will have 1 hose connected to the house.

When on temporary water, please remember the warm outside temperatures can increase the water temperature in the hose, please run the water until the water temperature drops before drinking the water.


The Contractor has started the work required to install new water services from the South Side houses, across East Central Street and connect to the water main on the North side. This work will require the contractor to move a small excavator in the grass area of each house to access the water service at the shut off valve.   The Contractor has marked most of the shut off valves with blue paint and a wood stake. The Contractor will take all precautions to minimize the damage to the grass areas, and will reseed the areas when the work is completed.


If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to my office or Natick DPW.

Project Documents