Fire Prevention Division

The Fire Prevention Division is responsible for the department's code compliance and inspections process.  The division is responsible for understanding and enforcing many laws and regulations, such as Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 148 - Fire Prevention, 527 CMR 1.00 - MA Comprehensive Fire Safety Code, 2018 NFPA 1 Fire Code, etc.


There are many tasks assigned to this division, such as:
  • Building Plans Review
  • Commercial Building Inspections
  • Code Compliance and Enforcement
  • Flammable Storage Inspections
  • New Construction Inspections
  • and much more...

Division Staff

Captain Joe Mortarelli
Inspector Tanya Quigley-Boylan

The Town of Natick now has an ONLINE PERMITTING SYSTEM

All permits in the town are now being handled through the new online permitting system, OpenGov.  To access the system, please click on the link below.  Beginning on July 1, 2022, the Fire Prevention Division will NO LONGER be accepting paper permit applications.


Would you like information about various Permits & Fees? Click Here

Fire Details

Another responsibility of this division is the scheduling of firefighters to details.  "Details" are when a member of the department is required, by code, to be present during particular activities.  For example if someone is welding in an occupied building, a member of the fire department is required to be on scene to enforce safe work practices and provide fire suppression if needed.  There are many types of details, such as:
  • Cutting and Welding Operations
  • Fire Watch - If a fire alarm or suppression system is malfunctioning or being fixed, firefighters monitor the building for fire emergencies.  These are typically utilized in high risk structures, such as nursing homes, apartment buildings, malls, etc.
  • EMS - Many different events may benefit from having qualified and equipped emergency medical technicians on site.  Our department offers a variety of details for this need, up to and including a Paramedic level ambulance.
  • Blasting - At times it is necessary to utilize demolitions/explosives for construction purposes.  Firefighters are assigned to the area to monitor for safe practices, safety of the public and damage documentation of the surrounding area (should any occur).
Need to schedule a detail?  Click here for the DETAIL REQUEST SYSTEM
Fire Prevention Safety House

Fire Prevention Week is all about fire safety for the community.  

2019 Fire Prevention Week
October 6 to October 12

As activities are scheduled, we will provide the information here.  Stay tuned.