Natick Conservation Commission

To view documents for an upcoming NCC meeting, scroll down to "COVID-19 and ConCom Meetings" on this page.

Welcome to the Natick Conservation Commission (NCC) webpage! Here you can find information on the NCC’s mission, membership, how to obtain a wetlands permit, information on meetings, and affiliated projects that the NCC is working on.

Invasive Insect Webinar Series (UMass Extension)

How to Help Young Wildlife

Turtles of Massachusetts

Report Young Bears

Explore Nature at Home activities


COVID-19 and Open Spaces/Trails: At this time, our open spaces and trails remain open. We welcome you to use these spaces to add physical activity to your day, bring calm into your life, and keep your mind clear (especially important during these times!). We ask that you PLEASE RESPECT THE FOLLOWING GUIDELINES so that we may continue to keep these natural spaces open.

  • Practice social distancing by keeping at least 6 feet apart, even outdoors.
  • Stay home if you are sick, having any symptoms, or if you might have been exposed.
  • DO NOT congregate in groups of any size during your visit.
  • Dogs must be controlled at all times by an adult (this usually means on a leash).
  • Check for deer ticks often while visiting, and again after you get home.
  • Please help out (and also set a good example) by bringing a trash bag and gloves and picking up trash (and also taking away)… every little bit helps! Thank you!
  • Take note of the number of vehicles parked at the area you plan to visit, since this will give you an idea of the number of current visitors. If a lot of vehicles are present, please choose another property or time to visit. 

COVID-19 and ConCom Meetings: The Conservation Commission will conduct upcoming meetings remotely through the Zoom Meeting platform.

  • Check the upcoming meeting’s agenda for the dial-in and URL information to participate.  
  • Detailed instructions on how to participate in the meetings: Public and Applicants
  • Upcoming Meeting Documents (Google Drive link)
  • If you wish to make comments on any applications at upcoming meetings, please consider emailing us comments ahead of time. This is the preferred method for receiving comments.

COVID-19 and Town Hall: We ask that you call and email us with questions, email or mail applications, and avoid coming to Town Hall. Town Hall is only open by appointment.