Project: Charles River Dam

The Charles River Dam in South Natick is a High Hazard dam with a poor condition rating from the Office of Dam Safety, due to extensive mature tree growth on the earthen berm. Natick is required to address these deficiencies, and is working to remove the dam and restore the river.

This project is managed by the Public Works Department, with support from the Conservation and Sustainability Offices, and is being coordinated with the Charles River park improvement project.

This webpage provides background materials and updates on the project, which is expected to take multiple years. If you are looking for information about the park improvement project, click here.

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Project Timeline

This project is expected to take multiple years and will require review and permits from a variety of state and federal organizations.

In summer 2023, Natick received a Design/Permit Grant from the MA Dam & Seawall program to design dam removal and begin the permitting process. The Town hired GZA to complete Phase 1: Engineering, Environmental Review, & Permitting. 

Dam Removal Timeline

Project Updates

Project updates are provided to the Select Board every few months, as part of the Board's regularly scheduled meetings. The public is welcome to attend, ask questions about the project, and comment.

Materials from Select Board updates that occurred in the last 12 months are provided below. Updates dating further back are available at the bottom of this page. 

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