The Town Comptroller is appointed by the Select Board for a period of 3 years and is responsible for maintaining the financial records for the town. The Comptroller is also the ex-officio member of the Natick Contributory Retirement Board.

The Comptroller's Department records all billing and cash receipts transactions, prepares and records payroll for all town and school employees and prepares and records all vendor payments for all town and school departments.


The Payroll function specifically involves processing and recording all payroll transactions for town employees, maintaining deduction information for deferred compensation plans, health plans, etc., and all payroll records. Payroll activities also include preparation and filing of all quarterly payroll reports and W2's.

Accounts Payable

Accounts payable activities include processing invoices for all purchases of goods and services for the town and schools and maintaining all contract and payment records. The department prepares weekly warrant(s) for the Select Board. A very important function is maintenance of a system of appropriation / expenditure controls to prevent illegal over-expenditures.

End of Year Reports

At the close of the fiscal year, after all cash and accounts receivable accounts are recorded and all fund transactions are recorded the Comptroller, in concert with the Treasurer submits the free cash certification request. Subsequent to the free cash certification, the Schedule A which analyzes all receipts and expenditures of the town and an analysis of school-related town administrative costs, insurance, employee benefits, and school debt for the School Department's End of Year Report are prepared simultaneously for submission to the Department of Revenue. Using the data from those filings to Commonwealth and the IRS the department prepares the complete financial report for the Natick Town Report pursuant to MGL section 40, paragraph 61.

Other Responsibilities

The department also assists with the annual audit, the annual budget and maintains fixed asset records.