Mitigating Climate Change

Natick Net zero

In 2018, Town Meeting voted to adopt a greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction goal through a Non-binding Resolution. The Resolution called on the Town to "Eliminate or offset all of the greenhouse gas emissions that originate in Natick by 2050and to complete the following actions:

  • Establish a baseline estimate of community-wide emissions
  • Develop a Net Zero Action Plan that outlines specific strategies and sets measurable, attainable and realistic interim targets for achieving the 2050 net zero goal
  • Provide an annual progress report to Natick Town Meeting

 Net Zero Plan

In 2019, Natick, in collaboration with the City of Melrose, Town of Arlington and the Metropolitan Regional Planning Agency, received funding from the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs to support the actions recommended by Town Meeting.

In 2020, Natick published its first community-wide GHG emissions inventory using 2017 as a baseline, and conducted a public engagement process to inform a Net Zero Action Plan. A draft version of the Net Zero Action Plan was published in January 2021 and will be presented to Town Meeting during the 2021 Spring Town Meeting session.

Reports and presentations related to this process are provided below. Residents who are interested in getting involved are invited to contact Jillian Wilson Martin at or at 508-647-6555.

Reports and Presentations