Beavers are nature's architects as they spend their lives building dams in order to create diverse and expansive wetland ecosystems. Using their powerful jaws and sharp teeth, they chew the trunk of trees until the trees fail. Wood, logs, and mud are then used to create the beaver dams which blocks water flow. 

As they move most efficiently in water, beavers are able to avoid predators and build their beaver lodge homes in wetland habitats. Beavers can spend up to 15 minutes underwater!

Many beaver families call Natick home. Though they may wreak havoc on human occupied neighborhoods (flooding), we need to live harmoniously with them. The Town has installed water flow devices which breach beaver dams underwater. These "beaver deceivers" assist in leveling water levels while going unnoticed by our wildlife friends. 

Images on this page are taken from Pickerel Pond. 


Beaver lodge_closeup (Photo credit: DPW drone) 

Photo credit: Iarossi
beaver dam