March 29, 2022 Annual Town Election

Election results are available here.  Please note that there are still open Town Meeting positions which will be filled in next few weeks through a lottery system. 

The 2022 Annual Town Election is scheduled for March 29, 2022 


ABSENTEE VOTING --There will not be any early voting or vote by mail for this election.  Please read further down on the page to find out if you are eligible to vote absentee.  

  • 5:00 PM on Wednesday March 23, 2022 is the last day and hour to receive an absentee application in the Clerk's office in order to mail a ballot.  
  • Noon on Monday, March 28th  is the last day and hour to file an in-person absentee ballot application and vote in the Town Clerk's office.



Please note that there are vacancies in Town Meeting for every precinct.  Seats may be filled through a write-in campaign.  If you are interested please call (508) 647-6432 or email for more details.

There is one ballot question on the ballot.  It is on the back of the ballot.  Voters must turn the ballot over. 

Miscellaneous Voting Information

  • View the election warrant, including the ballot question by clicking here
  • To register to vote or check your voting status go to 
  • You may register to vote in person at the Town Clerk's office (13 East Central St) or by downloading an application at and mailing or dropping it off at the Town Clerk's office.
  • March 9th is the last day to register to vote for the March 29th  Annual Town Election. The Town Clerk's office will be open until 8 PM. 
  • VOTE by MAIL will not be available for this election
  • Absentee voting will be available scroll down for more information on  absentee voting.
  • There will not be any early voting. 
  • All polling locations will be open from 7AM-8PM on election day.  Some polling locations have changed (they are listed further down on this page) 

ABSENTEE VOTING ONLY FOR THIS ELECTION --There will not be any early voting 

Massachusetts allows registered voters to vote by absentee ballot if they:

  • will be absent from the city on election day, and/or
  • have a physical disability that prevents voting at polls, and/or
  • cannot vote at the polls due to religious beliefs

 How can I get an absentee ballot application? 

  • You can pick up an application in the Town Clerk’s office in Town Hall located at 13 East Central St.
  • Click Here to down load the application form for absentee voting
  • Send a signed note by mail or email to the Town Clerk’s office requesting a ballot. The note MUST be signed by the voter or a family member. (We are not able to accept just an email without a signature). Mail the note to 13 East Central St., Natick, MA 01760 or email it to  

How do I receive the ballot?

  • The ballot maybe mailed to you at the address at which you are registered;
  • The ballot may be mailed to you at an address designated on the application; or
  •  You may vote over the counter in the Town Clerk’s office.  A ballot may not be removed from the office.  It must either be mailed or voted in the office.

Where Do I Vote

Precinct boundaries have been changed to reflect shifts in population calculated by the 2020 Federal Census.  All households with a registered voter will receive a postcard with their precinct and polling location.  You may check to see it you are registered and where you vote at this link:

The following are the new polling locations (voted by the Select Board)

  • Precinct 1: Kennedy Middle School (165 Mill St.)
  • Precinct 2: Kennedy Middle School (165 Mill St.)
  • Precinct 3: Kennedy Middle School (165 Mill St.)
  • Precinct 4: Wilson Middle School (22 Rutledge Rd.)
  • Precinct 5: Wilson Middle School (22 Rutledge Rd.)
  • Precint 6: Lilja Elementary School (41 Bacon St.)
  • Precinct 7: Community-Senior Center (117 East Central St.)
  • Precinct 8: Morse Institute LIbrary (14 East Central St.)
  • Precinct 9: Community-Senior Center (117 East Central St.) 
  • Precinct 10: Community-Senior Center (117 East Central St.) 

Voting for Persons with Disabilities

The Secretary of the Commonwealth has information regarding voting for persons with disabilities 

In Natick, every polling location has an Automark voting machine that is an accessible machine that will read  the ballot. The voter may also have the ballot read to them by someone at the polls (two poll workers, a police offier or someone that they bring with them).   

 Natick voters will elect the following officials:

  • Two members to the Select Board for 3 year terms
  • Three members to the School Committee for 3 year terms
  • One member to the Planning Board for a 5 year term
  • One Associate member of the Planning Board for a 2 year term
  • One member to the Board of Assessors for a 3 year term
  • One member to the Board of Health for a 3 year term
  • Two members to the Recreation and Parks Commission for 3 year terms
  • One member to the Natick Housing Authority for a 4 year term
  • Six Constables for 3 year terms
  • One Moderator for a 3 year term
  • One Town Clerk for a 3 year term
  • 180 Town Meeting Members – as a result of redistricting after the Federal Census (look for more information on this as it is available)

Nomination papers for town wide offices must be returned no later than 5:00 PM on Tuesday, January 11, 2022 with signatures from at least 25 registered voters.

Town Meeting Information

All current Town Meeting Members, unless they physically moved to a new home in a different precinct, will run as an incumbent, regardless of whether their current address is in a different precinct.  Incumbent Town Meeting Members must sign the intent to run form. The last day to submit incumbent Town Meeting nomination papers is 5:00 PM on Tuesday, February 1, 2022.

Nomination papers for new town meeting members are available in the Town Clerk's office.  All new candidates must obtain at least 10 signatures of voters in their precinct.  Nomination papers for new Town Meeting members are due on Tuesday, February 8, 2022 by 5 PM.  Any questions please call (508) 6476430 X4 or email