March 28, 2023- Annual Town Election

The Annual Town Election is scheduled for Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Information pertaining to this election will be updated as available. 

There will be vote by mail/absentee voting and election day voting but no in-person early voting. Vote by mail applications are available  by clicking on this link.

Please note that we are able to accept applications via email but they must have an original signature on the it.  They should be emailed to

The ballot will include candidates for town wide offices, Town Meeting (by precinct) and a ballot question.  Links to the ballots will be posted here when they are available. The following town-wide positions will be on the ballot:

Select Board: Vote for 2 candidates (3 year terms)

School Committee: Vote for 2 candidates (3 year terms)

Board of Assessors: Vote for 1 candidate (3 year term) 

Board of Health: Vote for 1 candidate (3 year term) 

Planning Board: Vote for 1 candidate  (5 year term)

Recreation and Parks Commission:  Vote for 2 candidates (3 year terms)

Morse Institute Library Trustees: Vote for  5 candidates (5 year terms)

Natick Housing Authority: Vote for 1 candidate (5 year term)

Natick Housing Authority: Vote for 1 candidate candidate (3 year term)

Constable: Vote for 2 candidates (2 year terms)

All candidates for town-wide offices are required to complete Campaign Finance Reports. There is more information and dates at this link:

Town Meeting Information

Natick Town Meeting has 180 members-- 18 from each of the 10 precincts. Every year one-third of the Town Meeting members are up for re-election and if there are vacancies those will also be on the ballot. Incumbents must file an intent to run in the Town Clerk's office by TUESDAY, JANUARY 31. New candidates need to come in and take out nomination papers in the Town Clerk's office. Nomination papers for new candidates require 10 signatures from registered voters in their precinct. Nomination papers are available now and are due back to the by Tuesday, February 7.

The chart below details the current (as of January 19th) number of vacancies and available seats. 

Please click here for any up to date listing of Town Meeting Candidates and open positions.  Please note that there was an error in the previous version of this.  A number of vacancies still remain for Town Meeting.  Precincts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 and 9 (all except 6 and 10 have more available seats than candidates).