Emergency Phone Call Tips

Describe the Incident
When the dispatcher answers, briefly describe the type of incident you are reporting and exactly where the emergency services are needed. For example, "I'm reporting an vehicle fire at…," or "I am reporting a motor vehicle crash that just occurred at …." Then stay on the line with the dispatcher, do not hang up until the dispatcher tells you. In some cases, the dispatcher will keep you on the line while the emergency units are responding to ask additional questions or to obtain ongoing information.

Let the Dispatcher Ask Questions

Let the dispatcher ask you questions. Dispatchers have been trained to ask very specific questions that will help prioritize the incident, locate it, and dispatch an appropriate response.

Give Brief Answers
Your answers should be brief and responsive. Remain calm and speak clearly. Be specific. What is happening and where, If you are not in a position to give full answers to the dispatcher stay on the phone and the dispatcher will ask you questions that can be answered "yes" or "no.