Project: Town Brand

The Town Brand project is a design-centric, communications effort to produce a suite of logos, as well as brand guidelines, color palette, fonts & more.  See the below "Overview" document for complete project details.

This is a 4-month project (est. 17-weeks) that is anchored on public engagement & feedback, with an emphasis on engaging a group of resident with branding expertise.  Project participation is set to engage across:

  1. Residents: both general public + highly-engaged sub-group.

  2. Town staff: both all staff + sub-group to represent key stakeholders w/ firm design needs.

  3. Brand experts: a group of branding & marketing professionals to provide input into the creative brief , designs, etc.  This group will consist of residents with firm branding expertise, as well as branding experts working at local companies.

Please reach out to Jay Poropatich with any questions (, 508-647-6475)

I. Roadmap (see below "Overview" doc for full details)

town brand_simplified roadmap (1)

II. Community Engagement Corner


Are you an engaged resident looking to closely follow & participate in this project?

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III. Related Documents

--> Phase II Documents

       (to be populated as documents become available)

--> Final Deliverables

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note: the above sections will serve as a repository for all project documents (to be updated ongoing)

See "input survey summary and redacted responses" for individual-level, redacted responses