Lower Our Emissions

In 2018, Natick adopted a community-wide goal to "eliminate or offset all of the greenhouse gas emissions that originate in Natick by 2050". Natick shares this net zero goal with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the United States of America

Natick's 2021-2025 Net Zero Action Plan outlines the specific strategies and interim targets for achieving this goal, and the Office of Sustainability is working to deploy the plan across the community.

  1. What Is "Net Zero?"
  2. Source of Natick's Emissions
  3. Biggest Emitters in Natick
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Reaching “net zero” means that our community will reduce its greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible, and remove or offset any remaining emissions.

In Natick’s 2021-2025 Net Zero Action Plan, six strategies are identified:

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Net Zero goals 1
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Action plan goals

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