Identity Theft

In an effort to assist victims of identity theft to regain control of their financial information, the Natick Police Department has made available online an Identity Theft Packet (PDF) which includes steps to be taken, helpful information, and additional resources.

Residents of Natick
Natick residents need to file a complaint with the Natick Police Department to generate a case report number which is required by banks and credit card companies and for the Identity Theft Packet. You can come in person to the Police Station or call 508-647-9500 and request an officer come and take a report.

We recognize that some victims are only interested in the correction of their credit and do not necessarily wish to prosecute. In these instances, please submit a copy of this packet to the Natick Police Department and make sure to indicate within the Identity Theft Packet that your submission requires no further investigation.

Non-Resident Residents
Individuals who do not reside in Natick and are victims still need to notify each of the credit card bureaus, contact personal banks, and/or other financial institutions. The same Identity Theft Packet will assist you in filing a complaint with the appropriate law enforcement agency.