MetroWest Climate Equity Project

What is Environmental Justice?

"Environmental Justice" communities are neighborhoods that are disproportionately impacted by climate change, leading to a shortage of resources for preparation and adaptation. 

Natick partners with Ashland and Framingham on the MetroWest Climate Equity Project, an initiative funded by the Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness program by the National Association of County and City Health Officials. This project has three goals:

  1. Build lasting relationships with Metro West Environmental Justice (EJ) communities, which will facilitate long-term engagement on climate change resilience and action.
  2. Learn from the community about how they experience climate change and what their climate priorities are, and update local plans and direct funding to reflect these findings.
  3. Increase municipal staff's knowledge of climate equity through training, and improve their capacity to support and engage Environmental Justice communities.

This project will help the most vulnerable citizens in our communities access the resources they need to adapt to climate change, while helping our municipalities improve our responsiveness to the specific needs of different parts of our communities.

As part of this project, Natick has compiled all our resources on emergency preparedness into one convenient place. Click here to prepare yourself and your household for climate change.

Metro West Climate Equity Project
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