Green Your Ride

Two-thirds of Natick's emissions are produced by residents, and nearly 90% of those from transportation are sourced from residents' vehicles. Consider buying a hybrid or fully electric vehicle, or even whether you need a car at all times.

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Get Started Driving Green

Connect with these publicly-available resources to get started on your journey to green transportation.

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Public Transit

Public transportation may have the funding to become carbon neutral before you have the opportunity to replace your car. Natick has many options for public transportation, including a commuter shuttle. If you still want fully independent transportation, you can also look into trying out an electric moped, or an electric bike.

Electric Vehicles

What’s the lifespan of your internal-combustion-engine (ICE) vehicle? In 2035, Massachusetts state law will no longer permit the sale of new ICE vehicles. Fortunately, there are currently several rebates offered for electric vehicles, and tax credits of up to $10,000. EVs are quieter than ICEs, require less maintenance like oil changes, and recharge at home. Rebates are offered to assist in installing charging stations in your home or business. Natick is continually adding public charging stations around town, as are towns across the United States.