Make Your Net Zero Plan

We’re looking at an exciting couple decades of innovation! To summarize, here’s the complete timeline of the biggest things you can do to go Net Zero.

Net Zero resident timeline

To get started on your own path to Net Zero, click here to print this worksheet and follow the steps to complete your very own guide to Net Zero.

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Activity 2

Congratulations, you're ready to begin your path to Net Zero!

Consult these resources on financing and contracting to get started.

  1. This is a database of Massachusetts-based resources for every question you could have about how to go Net Zero.
  2. Find a clean energy professional to install your biggest refits.
  3. Before you make a purchase, check if it has an available Mass Save rebate, and check on this website from the Department of Energy Resources that searches for all available rebates and incentives for any given green technology.
  4. Depending on your income, you could be eligible for extra financial support from Mass Save, All In Energy, SMOC, or the federal Inflation Reduction Act.
  5. Massachusetts has a Tax Free Day every year. Take advantage of this opportunity to reduce the cost of more expensive technologies like new appliances.