Bulky Trash Pickup

The Bulky Trash Pickup program is focused on "bulky" items, ie. large items not suited for regular curbside pickup (see below FAQs for further details). Scheduling and payment has been streamlined for a better online experience. Residents are allowed to schedule a pickup for a maximum of 5 items for $50.   That is, whether 1 item is scheduled for pickup or 5, the price is $50. 


  1. 5 "bulky" items for $50 (up to 5 items, min. $50)
  2. For select items (eg. mattresses & TVs) there is a separate $35/item fee (this fee is separate from the 5 for $50 fee)
  3. Excluded list includes construction material & larger-sized items (see below)

If items are small enough to put in a blue bag, please throw them out on your regular trash day.  If the item can be broken down to fit in a bag, please do so and throw it out on your trash day.  

The Town of Natick will continue to provide bulky waste pickups on Mondays (except Monday Holidays and Mondays during Fall leaf collection), to all residents that we currently serve for curbside collection of trash and recycling. 

If you submit your request by 3:00pm Thursday, your pickup day will be the following Monday.  If that date is a holiday, add an additional week.  If the capacity limit is exceeded, you will receive an email from the DPW with a new date for pickup.  The order is first come first served.  

**  If a resident's bulky collection is urgent or need scheduling flexibility, there are a number of private local waste hauling companies that offer residential collection of bulk waste items at a reasonable fee.  **

The Natick Recycling Committee holds annual electronic recycling events which will be posted on the website.

For select items (incl: mattresses, box springs, TVs, laptops and monitors) there is a $35 EACH fee.  If you ONLY have these select items, you will only be charged a $35/item fee (5 for $50 fee not required).  The Town of Natick is charged for disposal of these items due to the change in regulations.

Any metal items can be brought to the recycling center free of charge.

Please email the DPW with questions at bulkytrash@natickma.org or call 508-647-6550.

NOTE: after payment is processed, refunds will not be given.

NOTE: this service is for residents that currently receive curbside trash & recycling collection.  Bulky pickup is not available for businesses or apartment buildings. 

Accepted Items (5 for $50)

  • Furniture: couch, desk, dresser, entertainment center, patio furniture, bed frame, etc.
  • Electronics: computer, printer, dehumidifier/humidifier, etc.
  • Appliances: stove, refrigerator (remove doors), freezer (remove doors), air conditioner, dishwasher, washer, dryer, microwave, vacuum, water cooler
  • Snow blower (drain oil gas and remove batteries)
  • Lawn mower (drain oil gas and remove batteries)
  • Bikes and scooters (remove any batteries)
  • Exercise equipment
  • Grill
  • Rugs
  • Water heater
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Other: helium tank, propane tank, storage bins

Additional Items ($35 fee, per item)

  • Mattress
  • Box spring
  • TVs
  • Laptops
  • Monitors

Unaccepted Items (not eligible for bulky pickup) 

  • Any construction or remodelling materials, including but not limited to: windows, doors, toilets, sinks, tubs, showers, vanities, flooring, demo materials, insulation, asphalt, concrete, bricks, rock, dirt, lumber, railroad ties, plaster, sheet rock, tile, etc.
  • Canoes
  • Pool tables
  • Wooden swingsets
  • Pianos
  • Swimming pools
  • Fence sections or posts