Public Tree Inventory

Tree Inventory

Public Tree Inventory- Click on the link below to view the Public Tree Inventory and learn information about our Public Trees such as species, age class and monetary value.  This is a working inventory and trees are updated regularly.  This inventory includes street trees, park trees and trees on other town land such as schools and landscapes.   Once inventoried, trees may be tagged with a bronze or silver tag.  Look for this tag on the trunk of the tree about six feet from the ground.  The tag number can be used in the Public Tree Inventory Viewer to inquire about the specific attributes of the tree. If the tree does not have a tag number, the tree may still be in the inventory and can be found by using the map features.

Public Tree Inventory Viewer - Use this link to access the viewer.  Enter a specific tree tag number or zoom in to your location to see if the trees near you are in the inventory. 

iTree Software Suite- The iTree Software Suite is powered by the USDA Forest Service and is designed for Urban and Rural Forestry analysis.  These tools are free and are easy to use.  Use these tools to learn the environmental benefits of trees in the forest, the urban environment, or the tree right next to you.  The information from the Public Tree Inventory Viewer above can be used within this software suite.

iTree Website- Use this iTree link to access the free software suite provided by the USDA Forest Service.