Engineering Division

The Engineering Division of the Department of Public Works provides guidance and technical support to various departments, boards and commissions within town government, as well as to the citizens of Natick.

Duties & Responsibilities

The Engineering Division is the repository of street layout plans, site development plans, utility as-built plans and other various record plans. Updating of these plans as well as other maps such as the Assessor's maps, various zoning maps and street maps is an important duty of the Engineering Division. This updating process includes maintaining accurate as-built records for the town's water distribution system, sewer system, storm drainage systems and individual utility service information for all buildings. The division prepares construction plans, specifications and documents for various town construction projects.

Partnering with Boards & Commissions

The Engineering Division, as part of the site development approval process, provides technical assistance to the Zoning Board of Appeals, Conservation Commission and the Planning Board in the review of all site plans and subdivision plans. This process includes the review of plans and supporting documentation to assure compliance with all town standards and requirements.

Calculating & Maintaining Bonds

After a plan is approved, the Engineering Division is responsible for calculating and maintaining various construction performance bonds and is responsible for all related site utility and roadway construction inspection.

Managing Plans & Permits

The Engineering Division manages Natick's Pavement Management Plan as well as the Storm Water Master Plan and NPDES General Permit, which is administered through the EPA.

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