Institutional Network

What Is The I-NET
As part of the cable license contract between the Town of Natick and RCN, RCN agreed to install and maintain a fiber optic network that would connect all municipal buildings in the town. As a part of the agreement, RCN also installed a high speed internet connection, free of charge, for a period of 10 years.

The I-NET at it's physical layer is a single mode fiber optic network connecting all municipal buildings. All buildings on the I-NET have four single mode fiber optic strands with the exception of the Police / Fire building (144 strands) and the Natick High School (8 strands). The central hub of the I-NET is located at the Police / Fire Building located in downtown Natick.

What Services Are Provided
  • Town Wide Telephone and Voice Messaging Services
  • Town and School Data Services (Internet, Email, School Curriculum Software, School Administration and Student Scheduling Software, Remote Fire Stations computer aided dispatch system, etc..)
  • Future Use - Live broadcasts to the community from any municipal location via Pegasus
  • Internal video broadcasts (ie. Distance Learning,etc..)
Saving Money for All
The return on investment for the acquisition cost of the fiber optic networking equipment is calculated to be approximately five years. The improvement in voice and data services is immediate. By migrating all voice and data services to the I-NET the Town will reduce it's monthly recurring charges. Prior to the implementation of the I-NET, the town leased 11 "point to point" T1 copper lines and 3 56K data circuits from the telephone company. By moving voice and data services onto the I-NET fiber optics system the town will save approximately $30,000 a year.

Coordination & Implementation
The successful completion of the I-NET project was a result of cooperation between the following boards, individuals and departments:
  • Cable Advisory Board
  • Information Systems Advisory Board
  • School Curriculum Technology Department
  • Information Technology Department
  • Project Management Team (consultant)
  • Selectman Jay Ball
Most noteworthy is the dedication of the Cable Advisory Board members for their persistence in negotiating with Cablevision, Media One, AT&T, Comcast, and RCN.

Special Mention - Hank Szretter

  • Chairman, Cable Advisory Board
  • Member, Information System Advisory Board