Water/Sewer Division

Water Ban Lifted (effective 9/26/22)

 About the Division

Although carried as separate divisions for budgetary purposes, water and sewer personnel and equipment are considered a single division for operational purposes.

Personnel from this division are on call 24 hours per day, seven days a week to respond to emergency calls for water line breaks and sewer backups. There are 26 employees in the Water and Sewer Division. 

Duties & Responsibilities

This division operates and maintains the town’s 10 water wells, the water treatment plant and 36 sewer pump stations which are monitored 7 days a week. They are responsible for maintaining and replacing the many miles of sewers and water mains as well as 1,400 hydrants throughout the town.

Water meter calibration, supervision of water meter installations and water meter readers as well as inspection and testing of backflow prevention devices are other areas of responsibility.

Regulations & Policies

State and federal regulations strictly control the operation of a public water supply system and sanitary sewer system. As a result, there is a tremendous amount of paperwork handled by this division. These regulations also require certain employees to be properly certified in the field of water supply, an accomplishment that requires extensive training, experience, and testing.

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