FY 2025 - 2029 Capital Improvement Program

Everything the town does, from providing services to its residents and citizens, to equipping employees to effectively perform their jobs, requires the existence of certain basic physical assets. These assets include streets, water mains, parks, buildings, large equipment and technology. They must be purchased, maintained and replaced on a timely basis or their usefulness in providing public services will diminish. The Town's 5-year Capital Improvement Program and annual Capital Budget are developed to ensure adequate capital investment in the town's assets.


The Town of Natick is required under Section 5-8 of the Charter of the Town of Natick and Article 20, Section 2 of the By-Laws of the Town of Natick to issue a Capital Improvement Program 30 days prior to the date required for submission of the operating budget annually. That program must contain the following elements:

  • A clear, concise, general summary of its content
  • A listing of all capital expenditures proposed to be made, by years, during the five fiscal years next ensuing, with supporting information as to the need for each expenditure
  • Cost estimates, methods of financing and recommended time schedules
  • The estimates annual costs of operating and of maintaining any new facility or piece of major equipment involved

A 5-year capital improvement program is an important part of any organization's overall budgeting process. Multi-year planning allows proper staging and sequencing of capital projects to even out spikes and make funding needs more predictable. Capital investment requirements can be uneven, sometimes involving unique large projects such as a new fire engine or a new school building. Other capital investments needs are recurring. The Town of Natick continually refines the 5-year planning process to identify - and hopefully fund - an appropriate annual level of capital investment.

Capital Planning Document

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