2011 Spring Annual Town Meeting

The 2011 Spring Annual Town Meeting commenced on April 12, 2011, at Wilson Middle School at 7:30 p.m. With the exception of school vacation week (April 19 and April 21), it met every Tuesday and Thursday until the business of the meeting was disposed. Forty-three articles, including approval of the town's Operating and Capital budgets for the next fiscal year, contract settlements, and charter, by-law and zoning changes were approved by the body. Town Meeting dissolved on Tuesday, May, 3 2011, after completing its work in 5 sessions.

Town Meeting members and the public at large are encouraged to utilize this webpage as a resource before, during and after the conclusion of Town Meeting. Updates and some handouts passed out at Town Meeting will be posted here as soon as possible.

Re-broadcasts of Town Meeting can be found on Natick Pegasus, Government Channel (Comcast Channel 10, RCN Channel 15, Verizon Channel 28).

Town Meeting Information
Materials for Town Meeting Members
Backup Materials for Town Meeting Members
  • FY 2012 Preliminary Budget
  • FY 2012 Revenue Model (PDF)
  • FY 2012-2016 Capital Plan
  • FY 2001-2010 Financial Indicators
  • Pay Plan Information