Licenses & Fees


The Board of Selectmen issues the following licenses:

Fees Approved by Board of Selectmen on October 16, 2017

Liquor Licenses Fee Per Year
New Application Fee $250
Fee for Change in Condition (Change of Manager, Stock Pledge, etc.) $100
Common Victualer-All Alcohol $3,000
Common Victualer-Wine & Beer $1,750
Common Victualer-Wine & Beer with Cordials $2,250
Common Victualer-All Alcohol with Lounge $3,500
Common Victualer-Wine & Beer with Lounge $2,000
Innholder-All Alcohol $4,000
Club-All Alcohol $500
Package Store All Alcohol $2,000
Package Store Wine & Beer $750
Winery Pouring Permit $250
One-Day Alcohol License $50
Special License-Farmers' Market $50

Common Victualer's License
Fee Per Year
Common Victualer

Automatic Amusement Devices (Fees Set by Town Meeting) 
Fee Per Year
First Machine
Each Additional Machine
Renewal Fee Per Machine

Daily / Sunday Entertainment
Fee Per Year
Theatre (per movie theatre)
Daily Entertainment (non-movie)
Juke Box
Innholder/Common Victualer Dancing and Piped-In Music
No fee
Sunday License - Town Fee Per License (there is an additional fee payable to the State)
One-Day Entertainment License

Innholders & Lodging House
Fee Per Year
Lodging House

Car Sales
Fee Per Year
Class 1 - New Car Sale
Class 2 - Used Car Sale
Class 3 - Motor Vehicle Junk License

Gasoline Storage
Fee Per Year
Not over 2,000 gallons
Each additional 1,000 gallons or parts thereof
($150 maximum)
Annual Registration (Fee Set by Town By-Laws)
1/2 License Fee

Taxi Cab
Fee Per Year
Per Cab
Per Taxi Vehicle Driver Permit

Bowling & Billiards
Fee Per Year
Per Bowling Alley
Per Billiards Table

Fee Per Year
Junk Collectors / Dealers
Hawkers & Peddlers/Transient Vendor
Fortune Teller (Fee Set by Town Meeting)