Council on Aging


The Council on Aging seeks to provide an array of activities, programs and services to meet the educational, social, health and wellness of elders, families and individuals with disabilities living in the community. Alone and in partnership with community organizations and other town departments, the Council on Aging focuses on empowering Natick residents of all incomes and abilities to make informed decisions, to remain actively engaged, and to maintain their health, vitality and independence.


The Natick Council on Aging designs and delivers services and programs which improve the quality of life for those aging in our community--through education, support and advocacy.


Natick residents will have access to needed resources to live comfortably and thrive as they age.

Welcoming Statement

Our Center strives to create an environment with values diversity, mutual respect, and supports inclusive ways to work to provide support services, programs and advocacy.


The Council on Aging received a grant from Bridges together to put together a Natick Intergenerational Leadership Team which has team members from the COA, Veterans Services, Recreation and Parks, Natick Public Schools and Family Resources of Natick. We are very proud of our first Team event!  See below:

Services are available and accessible to all residents of the Town of Natick through the multi-purpose Community-Senior Center.