Processing of Vendor Checks

Cynthia Tomasetti, Staff Accountant
Phone:  508-647-6400 ext 1438 or 508-647-6435 OPT #3

Please contact Cyndi if:
  • If you are a vendor of the Town of Natick and have submitted your invoice for payment to the appropriate town department and would like to know the status of your payment. Also, if you need to change your address.
  • If you are an employee of the town that has requested reimbursement for out of pocket expenses or mileage, and would like to know the status of your reimbursement. If you need a reimbursement form and change your address.
  • If you receive a 1099 and have questions on your 1099.
  • If you are a new vendor to the town, please be aware that you should submit a W-9 form to Cyndi prior to receiving your first payment. If you need this form, please click of the “ W-9 Form” to the left for a printable version of the W-9.
Please be aware that there are certain legal requirements that the town must adhere to in processing vendor checks in regards to sales tax, documentation that must be submitted in order to pay an invoice, or reimbursement and we must also adhere to the weekly warrant processing schedule.