Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day 

Natick’s annual Household Hazardous Waste day took place Saturday, May 9, 2020, this year. Thank you to all who participated!  

 drain cleanerspesticideswood strippersgasoline
oven cleanersherbicidesstainstransmission fluid
 furniture polishinsect sprayspaint thinnerantifreeze
metal polishrodent killerssolventsbrake fluid
degreaserspool chemicalssealantswax/polish
 radiator cleanersmuriatic acidkeroseneengine & radiator flushes
arts & crafts suppliesno-pest stripsspray paintrust preservatives
photo chemicalscesspool cleanersoil paintwood preservatives
floor cleaners  water reactive materials
window cleaners   
dry cleaning fluids   

               ITEMS NOT ACCEPTED

 batteriesmotor oil latex paint
 mercuryradioactive materialsammunition
septagebiologically active materialsexplosive materials
asbestosmedicine, prescription or OTCflares
propane tanksgarbagegas cylinders

For information & locations of  
Kiosks for Pharmaceutical Waste and Used Sharps/Syringes 
call 508-647-6460

The Department of Public Works (DPW) handles the following:

The Recycling Center accepts - Lithium batteries, household batteries, car batteries, used motor oil, fluorescent bulbs, mercury products, metal items

The Paint Shed -  Open April to Oct. and accepts all paint with a 5 gallon maximum, per resident, per visit

Tires - Place out with trash on your regular pick-up day - limit is 2 tires per week

Computer Monitors & Propane Tanks - Call the DPW to schedule a pick up  - a fee is required

Call the DPW at 508-647-6550 for more information

                              2020 Reciprocal Household Hazardous

                      Waste (HHW) Collection Dates

The Natick Board of Health and the following towns have a reciprocal agreement that allows residents of each town to participate in multiple household hazardous waste collection days.
If you are a Natick resident this means you now have the opportunity to participate in a partner town’s collection event as seen in the table below.
 Registration:   Note some events require advanced registration.
 Payment:   These events are open to Natick residents on a fee-basis. You will be asked for payment at the event based on the amount of material you bring. Please bring the appropriate form of payment indicated in the Notes column of the table below. Pricing is based on the host town’s contract and will be determined by the contractor. As an example, some contractors charge $35 for the first 12 gallons (liquid or dry equivalent) or $60 for 12 – 25 gallons. 
 Identification: You will be asked to show identification confirming you are a resident of YOUR TOWN.






April 11, 2020 


North Andover

Recycling Center TBI/

North Side 

210 Holt Rd. 01845


Non residents of North Andover arrive only between 12-1 pm Checks only 

April 25, 2020 Cancelled 


DPW 9 Alpha Rd. 01826


Checks only payable to Town of Chelmsford

May 9, 2020


Natick DPW 

75 West St. 01760


Call to register (508) 647-6460 Checks only, payable to Clean Harbors

May 2, 2020, Cancelled 


DPW 15 Lake St. 01890                       


Checks only, payable to Town of Winchester

June 13, 2020





1365 Middlesex St. 01851


Call to register (978)-674-4309 Checks only  

June 13, 2020


Municipal Services Facility Dept of Public Works 5 Campanelli Dr. 01810 recycle@andoverma.gov12-1Appointments only. Call 978-623-8700, and press "0" Mon - Fri 9am - 3pm. Deadline to register is June 10, 2PM Checks only. Info regarding procedure the day of, go to
August 8, 2020MaynardPublic Works Highway Garage 38 Winter St., 017548-1$50.00 per car load  Checks only 
October 3, 2020

DPW 1365 Middlesex St. 018518-12
Checks only

October 17, 2020


DPW 470 Dedham Ave. 02492


Checks only, payable to Clean Harbors

October 31, 2020

Tyngsborough-Dunstable Highway Dept. 87 Kendall Road, 018799-1
Checks only, payable to Clean Harbors

October 31, 2020

DPW 9 Alpha Rd. 018268 - 12Checks only payable to Town of Chelmsford 
Unable to schedule WaylandDPW 66 River Rd. 017789-11:30Checks only payable to ’Clean Harbors’ Pre-register at

Unable to schedule 


DPW 275 Old Lancaster Rd. 01776


Pre-register online beginning June 1  Checks only payable to Clean Harbors
Unable to schedule
DracutDPW 833 Hildreth St. 018268-12Checks only, payable to Town of Dracut
Unable to schedule
North AndoverRecycling Center TBI/North Side 210 Holt Road, 0184512-1Checks only 

New England Disposal Technologies, Inc.                    Telephone 866-769-1621

Clean Harbors Environmental Services         Telephone 781-380-7121