Application Procedure Instructions

Common Victualer's License
(Keeper of a Restaurant or Public Eating House)

New Application or Renewal Application

License Fee: $100.00.  Please make check payable to the Town of Natick.

Hours:  Sunday through Thursday, 6:00 a.m. to midnight
             Friday and Saturday, 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m.

  1. Complete Common Victualer's License Application.
  2. Submit a set of floor plans and a site plan. ***
  3. Submit a list of equipment and estimated cost. ***
  4. Submit a copy of Bill of Sale or Lease Agreement. ***
  5. If a corporation, submit a copy of Articles of Organization.  If an LLC, submit a copy of the Membership Agreement and List of Members. ***
  6. Building Inspector approval (including zoning paperwork, floor plans, and other requirements as set by the Building Inspector’s Office).  The Building Inspector's Office is located on the second floor of Town Hall in the Department of Community and Economic Development (508-647-6450).
  7. Board of Health approval (including various food service permits and floor plan submission).  The Board of Health is located on the second floor of Town Hall (508-647-6460).
  8. Submit proof of Workers Compensation insurance if applicable.
  9. Submit Workers' Compensation insurance affidavit.
  10. Review the Natick Business Recycling and Waste Guide.
    COMMON  VICTUALER'S  LICENSES (Voted  by  the  Board  of  Selectmen  on  2/12/1983)

  1. If an applicant appears before the Board of Selectmen for a Common Victualer's License or an Alcoholic Beverages License on a premises that needs renovations with a Building Permit, the Board should refuse to deal with the application or to deny it until such time as the applicant has the appropriate Building Permit and approved plans.
  2. If an applicant receives a Building Permit with approved plans for the construction, reconstruction, or renovation of a facility for a restaurant or inn, they would be advised that the Building Permit does not guarantee them either a Common Victualer's License or an Alcoholic Beverages License.  If that applicant then appears before the Board of Selectmen as an applicant for a Common Victualer's or Alcoholic Beverages License, the Board, if it has no other option, could grant the license subject to completing the construction work in accordance with the approved plans. The licenses would not, however, be issued to the applicant until the Board receives verification that the construction has been done in accordance with those plans.  This is consistent with the Town counsel’s recent opinion on Common Victualer's Licenses, which states:  “If the applicant’s premises are not so equipped, he must file with the Licensing Authority a plan of the proposed set up of the premises. Thereupon the Licensing Authority may grant a Common Victualer's License upon the condition that the License shall be issued upon the completion of the premises according to the plans submitted.
  3. All applicants for a Common Victualer's or Alcoholic Beverages License shall submit to the Board of Selectmen as part of the application for either of said licenses a site plan showing the following information:
    • Parking layout
    • Screening of adjacent property when appropriate or require
    • Landscaping
    • Driveways and curb cuts
    • Existing utility easements
    • Parking lot drainage
    • Parking lot lighting
    • Indicate abutting property uses
*** New Applicants Only For renewal applications, site plans will not be required for annual renewals if a current plan is on file and no changes are proposed at the time of renewal.  If changes have been made to the premises in the previous 12 months, a revised set of floors plans and site plan must be submitted.

Additional information: A Social Security number or employee I.D. number is required by the Massachusetts
Department of Revenue.  Date of birth and place of birth are required by the Natick Police Department for a
background check.

You will be scheduled to meet with the Board of Selectmen when the office has received 1) notification from the Building Inspector and the Board of Health that the application is in compliance with their requirements and 2) a recommendation from the Natick Police Department.  If the application is approved by the Board of Selectmen, your license will be issued upon receipt of a $100.00 check made payable to the Town of Natick and upon the completion of the premises according to the plans submitted.

On November 9, 1987, the Board of Selectmen adopted the following as part of its Rules and Regulations for all Common Victualer License-Holders in the Town of Natick:  Patrons are prohibited from bringing any alcoholic beverages into the establishment.  Enforcement of such condition is the responsibility of the License-Holder.

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